9 Instant Uses for Screen Capture Video in Your Online Business

As a follow up to a recent article on how small businesses can use screen capture video, I thought it appropriate to share even more options for putting the power of screen capture video to work online. Screen capture video truly is the fastest way to create content, training programs, and marketing materials for the online world.

9 Instant Uses for Screen Capture Video in Your Online Business


1. Affiliate Promo Videos

One of the fastest ways to make money online is to sell other people’s products as an affiliate, and specifically sell other people’s software. Use screen capture video to demonstrate how to use the software, and then refer people through your affiliate link. You can also make “features and benefit videos” where you simply list off all the reasons someone should buy a product, and then refer them through your affiliate link.

2. Software Demonstrations

Use screen capture video to demonstrate your software as part of the sales process. If you don’t own software you can sell, you can still demonstrate how to get a specific result using virtually any software and then make money charging for the training you create.

3. PowerPoint

Use screen capture video to create PowerPoint Video sales Letters that massively shorten the sales copywriting process. You can also convert virtually any PowerPoint presentation used for offline training into an online tool using screen capture video.

4. Video Marketing

Posting videos to sites like YouTube, Vimeo, and other niche video sites make a great way to get traffic, increase search engine ranking, and gain expert status. With Camtasia’s YouTube settings, you can create and upload effective online videos with just a few clicks.

5. Webinar Recordings

Webinars make a great option for businesses of any size to create content, sell products, and create goodwill in their niche. With screen capture video you can archive the action forever and use it for everything from free bonuses to paid home study courses and customer training.

6. Membership Site Content

Any business can benefit by creating exclusive, members-only content for their customers with screen capture video. Whether that content is free or paid, the relationships created can lead to profits for many years. Use this tool to create training on various topics, create website reviews, offer critiques for your members and more.

7. Blog Content

Blogging represents a double-edged sword. To get traction, you must publish to your blog regularly. Use screen capture video to shortcut the process by quickly creating updates, sharing your opinions, or reviewing products.

8. Article Conversion

Article marketing works for any size business. The incoming links and credibility it creates far outstretch the time it takes to write and distribute articles. However, converting your articles into screen capture videos rates quick and easy, and allows you to combine video marketing with the power of article marketing. Simply create bullets from your article and put them into PowerPoint. Then, record the screen while reading the article as you advance through the bulleted presentation. Very simple, but oh so effective!

9. iPod / iPad Content

Camtasia allows you to create content for mobile devices. With the coming onslaught of mobile media devices, you can become a source of valuable content for your customers looking to use their mobile devices. Mobile devices represent an amazing opportunity to distribute content created with screen capture video.

Remember: if you can show it on your computer screen, you can record it and share it through the power of screen capture video. Let your mind run wild with the possibilities, but then get busy using the tool to build your business.