5 Quick Ways to Generate Traffic to Your Website

5 Quick Ways to Generate Traffic to Your Website

So follow these 5 simple ideas to start generating daily traffic back to your home based business site:


Idea 1 – Include Keywords in your Online Profile.
How often have you had to create an online profile recently, especially if you are into the web2.0 craze, one excellent way to generate good backlinks is to use carefully chosen keyword phrases in your online profile. This will dramatically increase the chances that people will find you, either via search engines or via a site’s search facility.

Even though profile links are not very valuable in Google’s eyes, they are quick and easy to set up. Looking for forums to create an online profile is simple just go to Google and type in

Keyword + Forum


Idea 2 – Get one-way backlinks.
Even though reciprocal links are not as important as they used to, they can still be very useful especially when you are trying to get a new home-based business site established in the search engines.

However, keep in mind this warning from Google webmaster guidelines.

“Do not participate in link schemes designed to increase your site’s ranking or page rank.”

So even though a good linking campaign is important for traffic generation, it should not be your major traffic generating strategy


Idea 3 – Invite other sites to Publish or Share your articles.
A good traffic generation idea is to write a few good unique articles, with good keyword phrases. Host these articles on your home-based business site with a note at the bottom of the article, giving other people permission to reprint the article providing the “Resource Box” at the end of the article is published too


Idea 4: Publish a lively newsletter.
How many people have you got visiting your home based business site on a week, 3000, or less? Most of these people will only look at a few pages then disappear forever. In fact, the least amount of traffic you have going to your site, the more important this idea will be.

You need to persuade these people to return to your home-based business site.

The best way of doing this is by writing your own newsletter, which is an excellent way of booting traffic, a good well-written newsletter will not only remind your readers that your site exists, but will keep them loyal month after month.

Newsletters not only enhance your reputation and add to your credibility, best of all, it will give you repeated opportunities to make a sale.

Another advantage of having a newsletter to that if you start another home-based business website, you will be off to a flying start because you already have a captivated readership that trusts you.


Idea 5: Publish a mini-course.
This is also a great idea to get people to keep on coming back to your home based business site, you can decide on the format whether you want the course to be a long or short mini-course, what is more important is that you provide genuinely useful content.

After you have won the trust of your readers start weaving in relevant affiliate links into your mini-courses.

To retain your readers interest, at the end of each message, give them a little teaser by telling what will be in the next message of the mini-course.


As you can see from the above 5 ideas, traffic generation is not hard, but you have to take action, you will not get any decent traffic by just doing good SEO, you have to have a detailed plan of action and the more varied your ideas are the more success you will have.