Should You Keep Building Just Someone Else’s Business?

Should You Keep Building Just Someone Else’s Business?

Once you come to the Internet and consider making money here, you should answer a question whether you want to just make a few hundred or thousand dollars on top of your salary or whether you want to start your own business with everything it brings along, then make money with your whole efforts.

If your decision is your business, then you should also consider co-operation in creating your business plan.

Business is about co-operation. And that is what we are going to talk about now. There are many forms of co-operation but what you should first be interested in is not so much the forms of it but the quality. And here we come to the point.

You cannot build a business alone – you need customers and you need partners as the fundamental elements. As I am watching the activities of the vast majority of people thriving to make money on the Internet, it is obvious that they do not at all pay any attention to the quality co-operation.

The Internet offers literally hundreds of “opportunities” to join. However, if you decided to build a business of your own, most of them are not opportunities at all because you build a business of someone else/s, not yours.

What is a good, quality co-operation? It helps to build a business to all of the involved parties in a balanced way. This kind of co-operation is common nowadays on the Internet.

You have three possibilities when you start:

1) You build someone else’s business instead of that of yours. One typical example is an 8-to-5 job working for a corporation. This sort of co-operation limits the time and energy you have each day to build your own business. — Unacceptable.

2) Working with an established business that complements yours. Their business still growing as well as that of yours. — Acceptable.

3) Find one or two partners whose skills complement that of yours; especially, when their strengths can cover your weakness. For example, if your strength is research and strategize a business marketing plan but not in producing content for the marketing campaign, then you should find a person who has a deep knowledge on the topics and can create great content. — Ideal.

If you want to start a home-based business, then option #2 or #3 is for you. The Internet moves so fast that you cannot afford to stand still, not even to stop and you cannot afford to build someone else/s business at your expense. It costs you money in any case. Even if you do not pay for anything, you paid for your computer, you pay for your Internet access, energies, and the main thing: you pay with the currency most valued – your time. You can make as much money as you imagine, even more, but you cannot make more time.

As you grow, you can offer more and more quality co-operation and expect and require the same from other partners.

Sometimes you have to be strict and follow the example of big companies and banks, who fight for every cent, they count every penny and insist on every penny. But remember we are still dealing with people most of the time, so be reasonable and understanding for some exceptions.

So, once you decide to build YOUR OWN business, you should look for a co-operation that enables you to build your own business.

However, there is one more catch in it:

You can even find the ideal co-operation but you have to watch two vital aspects: before you enter the co-operation, read the contract carefully, and when you decide that all is acceptable for you, stick to all the agreed terms. When you are a hundred percent sure you honor everything on your side, require the same from your partner.

Sometimes it happens that you find an ideal co-operation, you fulfill your part but your partner does not fulfill his. He is either too busy or just tests what you can endure or has incompetent employees – the most cases or just pretends to offer this sort of co-operation. In such circumstances, even this co-operation turns against you, so choose your partner(s) very carefully.

Overall, everyone only has one life and 24 hours each day. How you plan to use it is up to you to decide. For me, I rather invest my times and efforts building my own business rather than just build other people businesses alone. I hope you find these words helpful and wish you all the bests!